The worlds first ever fully electric, universal, power takeoff unit that eliminates the need for idling by utility trucks.

Product Specifications

Why remain idle when you can save money?

Saves ~$9,000 A Year

Pays for itself in less than 3 years.
Increases resale value of truck by 35%

Non Intrusive

Fully Electric

Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Save Fuel

~1,890 Gallons Annually


~69% Cost Reduction

Go Green

Reduced Emission Rating

Quiet & Safe

~85% Noise Reduction

Why remain idle when you can save money?

Without SmartPTO, Utility trucks must remain idle for hours of the day to operate secondary features like bucket lifts. This is costly, dangerous, and bad for the environment. This has been commonly accepted for years.

Resale Value

35% Lower

Environmentally Unfriendly

Huge Emission Ratings

Maintenance Cost

70% Higher

Fuel Cost

1200 gallons/year

Dangerously Noisy

Loud Work Environment

After installing SmartPTO, all the problems generated by idling are eliminated. The results are undeniable.

Would you run without SmartPTO?

At Viatec we see the future of the utility truck industry standardized with SmartPTO technology. Join us in stepping into the future of a safer, environmentally responsible way of deploying work fleets worldwide. In the presence of this product, we see no other choice.

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