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Who we really are is born from our actions, the resources available to us, their extension. With them we create the world we experience. New Technologies emerge upon the shoulders of the older, indifferent to their effect on the world, and with them come the strain on precious finite resources that pollute and warm the globe.

So at Viatec when we asked ourselves who we were, we knew we had to develop technology, that does just the opposite.

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That lead us to electrification of power takeoff units, in a way that has never been done before. PTO’s are the devices that allow utility vehicles like bucket trucks to operate operate their equipment. The problem is this process requires the engine to be idling during operation, accounting for millions of pounds of c02 and hundreds of thousands of  gallons of fossil fuels every year. Creating electric PTO’s solved the problem, but they were so deeply integrated into the vehicle, it wasn’t worthwhile for fleet managers.

That’s why we developed SmartPTO, the world’s first MODULAR Electric power takeoff unit. It eliminates the need for idling with a simple installation into any hydraulic system. This way fleet managers can save money, operators can work quietly, and we can help to combat the effects of global warming and the consumption of fossil fuels.

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These results are so compelling because in the long run you save more money then you spend on the unit, and with financing available, there is no reason not to convert, if not completely necessary. Now is unlike any time in history, and those who adapt the quickest will benefit the most.

Global warming, carbon footprint, climate change; these are the phrases of today. The progression of battery technology, Social pressure from waves of maturing generations wise to the notion of clean energy, legislative pressure from the representatives who they exponentially vote into office. All surmounting to this moment when the tides of value will begin to shift away from old resources and into new ones. Soon industry will have no choice but to make the leap.

We’ve been working since 2017 to catch this wave. We’ve been…

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We are preparing to outfit SmartPTO for everything

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We do this because we are Viatec.

Who are you?