• How much will SmartPTO save me?

  • Don’t take our word for it. Argonne National Laboratory has developed an idling calculator. You can find it here.
  • Will SmartPTO work on my truck?

  • Yes, SmartPTO is compatible with all makes and models of bucket trucks on the market today, and if you would like to be sure, share your truck details with us and we will provide you a detailed response on how best SmartPTO will fit. Click here for the Truck Fitment Questionnaire
  • Does it need to go on a new truck?

  • No, but preferably trucks from 2007 or newer
  • How long does installation take?

  • Installation (+ commissioning) typically takes 1 working day. For a fully equipped system on a truck requiring modification (cutting panels, welding brackets etc), installation takes 2 working days.
  • Is it transferrable?

  • Yes, SmartPTO can be transferred to a new vehicle from your existing truck in less than a day.
  • Will SmartPTO void my warranty?

  • No. SmartPTO is a parallel system that does not impact the native performance of the truck and is accepted by several OEMs today. Manufactures are not permitted under law to use warranty threats or actions to penalize customers for purchasing a competitors product. If you encounter a warranty threat please contact Viatec for support.
  • Does SmartPTO include AC or heat?

  • Yes and no. SmartPTO includes optional AC. For cab heat we recommend customers explore Eberspaecher – Truck Heaters, Cab Heaters, Engine Heaters
  • Does SmartPTO work in extreme cold?

  • We offer a cold weather package. Performance will vary based on specific applications and conditions
  • Does Viatec offer telematics? If so, what’s the value?

  • Yes, our telematics solution allows for real-time field monitoring, performance reporting and enables Viatec Technical Services to deliver unparalleled proactive monitoring, supports remote software and configuration updates. Viatec can know and be troubleshooting any issue before the customer is aware there is a problem brewing.