Pump Type Vane Pump
Maximum Output Pressure 3988 psi
Maximum Output Flow 18.8 GPM
Valving Outlet Check; Adjustable Internal Relief
Sensing Output Pressure; Load Sense Pressure (where applicable); Inlet Oil Temperature
Coupling Interface Female SAE-ORB: Suction -20; Pressure  -12


Battery Pack
Chemistry Li – NMC
Storage Capacity 14.4 kWh (Default), 18kWh, 21.6kWh
Estimated Life ~10 years to 80% of initial capacity
Battery Management System (BMS) Integrated
Cooling Air


Default Add-on Option
Power 1300W 6000W
Input 120 V AC Level I 240V AC Level II
Recharge Time (for default storage) 9.8 hrs < 2.5 hrs
Interface Standard NEMA 5-15 plug SAE J1772


Compatibility Works with open-center as well as closed-center hydraulics. Ideally suited for higher power and higher energy applications.
User Interface 7” Color Touchscreen + (Default) Key-switch + Pump on/off Rocker Switch (HVAC Option) E-stop + Pump on/off Rocker Switch + Dash mounted SmartPTO and eAC Switche
System Weight ~630 lbs (Default) ~560 lbs (Lightweight option)


  • Pressure sensor in “load-sense” line is required for hydraulic systems that use a load-sensing pressure-compensated PTO pump by default. It is not required for open-center hydraulic systems.
  • Cab Comfort system utilizes stock HVAC system components (evaporator, blower and vents)
  • Ford/ GM/ Chrysler truck platforms require additional components for CAN interface, that allow SmartPTO to be disabled when the engine is running.

SmartPTO Base Unit and Configurable Options


Standard Equipment (Y/N)


SmartPTO Base Unit 



Base SmartPTO Unit, 14.4 KWh Battery Pack, 12V Export Power


Battery capacity is available between 14.4kWh and 21.6kWh @ 3.6kWh interval.  Pricing will vary with battery size.  Additional fee for custom enclosure design may apply for 3.6-10.8, 28.8kWh capacity.

Also included in base unit – 12V export Power to keep truck battery charged

Configurable Options



Battery Packs 


Additional 3.6 kWh battery


Additional 3.6 kWh battery pack

Additional 7.2 kWh battery


Additional 7.2 kWh battery pack



Advanced Telematics – (Option “1”) – Parker IQANconnect™


Includes 1 yr. service subscription, remote monitoring, software updates, and remote troubleshooting support

Advanced Telematics – (Option “2”) – Parker IQANconnect™


Includes 3 yr. service subscription, remote monitoring, software updates, and remote troubleshooting support

Cab Comfort

Electrified Cab AC


Available through Bergstrom; Standard Integration and Installation are Included in the price. Ongoing support is offered by Bergstrom, at an additional charge.



1300W Level I (120V AC)


Requires Standard 3-prong NEMA 5-15 outlet

6000W Level II (240V AC)


Requires additional charge tank accessory (included), access to 240 V AC outlet, and J1772 EVSE charge adaptor (not included)

Lightweight Package


Change in paneling to ensure a lighter unit


Replaces default steel cover panels with lightweight aluminum panels for a ~70lbs of weight reduction



Installation (*)


Viatec Authorized Distributors will price and perform the installation for their customers. Distributors will quote for Hydraulic Kits required as well as installation efforts as well as any ongoing support/maintenance required.

Optional Accessories



Thermal Insulated Cover – Recommended for Cold Weather conditions


Custom Battery insulator protector for extreme cold weather conditions. An insulated cover with self-regulating heating elements, that helps to keep battery temperatures in their preferred operating range.

Ford/ GM/ Chrysler Compatibility module


Allows SmartPTO to interface with the CAN bus for vehicles without J1939. Required for system to disable itself when the vehicle engine is restarted or running.

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