Town of Apex, NC Installs Three SmartPTO Units

Early October of 2018, We were fortunate enough to be awarded the Clean Fuel Advanced Technology (CFAT) Project by the NC Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC). You can learn more on our write up.

Town of Apex Awarded CFAT project winner and Takes Action!

Now the Town of Apex in North Carolina has also been awarded by the NCCETC for it’s use of electric PTO’s and is making leaps toward the future by being the first of smaller municipalities to retrofit three of their bucket trucks with SmartPTO! All made possible by their recognition in the CFAT project.

You can read more from NCCETC on the Town of Apex and other winners of the CFAT here

In terms of environmental impact three utility trucks might not sound like much, but let’s take a closer look at what Town of Apex will accomplish with three new SmartPTO units fitted on active trucks over a 1 year period…

One Year with Three active SmartPTO units:

  1. They will save around 5,670 Gallons of fuel.
  2. Remove an average of 72,900 lbs of carbon dioxide emissions from normal operation.
  3. In terms of environmental impact, this is the same as removing 10.5 cars from the road.
  4. Improve the safety of their operators.
  5. Extend vehicle life and lower overall the maintenance cost.
  6. Decrease the level of noise disturbance in their communities.

We see the Town of Apex as a progressive leader for the green initiative in the state of North Carolina. They are the first of many towns and cities in the state and nationwide that we hope to see making steps toward the electrification of utility vehicles and equipment. Together we can stop the harmful effects of idling.

Here’s what NCCETC Had to say on Linkedin

Viatec Awarded NC Clean Energy Air Quality Improvement Grant

Earlier in October of 2018 NC Clean Energy Technology Center (NCCETC) announced the winners of their Air Quality Improvement Grant  through the Clean Fuel Advanced Technology (CFAT) Project. Initiated 2017-2018 for $5.6 million, the grant focuses on reducing transportation-related emissions and is supported with federal Congestion Mitigation Air Quality funding from the N.C. Department of Transportation (DOT). We are honored to be a part of that group!

Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina
Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina – Wikimedia Commons

Over $1,100,101 is being awarded for ten projects including Viatec’s SmartPTO. Collectively these projects remove 62,949 gallons of diesel/gas a year, and 54,042 kg of daily emissions.

We are honored to be awarded such a progressive grant, further solidifying our commitment to environmentally efficient technologies and products in the future.

Learn more here:

Viatec Welcomes Relationship with SCRA

“We are honored to be a part of Viatec’s growth, from prototype development to delivering the product to customers,”

Jill Sorensen, SCRA Director of Entrepreneurial Programs and Executive Director of SC Launch, Inc.

SCRA fosters the growth of South Carolina’s Innovation Economy by supporting entrepreneurs, enabling academic research and commercialization, and connecting industry to innovators.

In 2016 Viatec was honored to become a part of the SCRA’s Entrepreneurial program. It continues to be a great source of support, and on July 31, 2018 they announced our welcome into the family. You can find the article on their website here: