Who We Are

An established international team of forward thinkers with the goal of improving the world we live in by solving problems that impact the human footprint on the environment.


What We Do

Our flagship product, SMARTPTO, is a plug and play, parallel system that eliminates the need for idling by utility trucks.

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Our newest addition SMARTPX is a zero emissions alternative to your mobile generator set

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Investors and Strategic Advisors

Mark Ferri, Chairman

Mark Ferri


Sachin Gupta, Secretary and Treasurer

Sachin Gupta

Sec / Treasurer

Neeraj Chirmulay, Board Member

Neeraj Chirmulay

Board Member

Mike Allison, Board Member

Mike Allison

Board Member

Randy Williamson, Board Member

Randy Williamson

Board Member



Leadership, emphasizing progressive operational strategies and a rich team culture.

  • Mark Ferri

    President / CEO
    A senior leader with over two decades of success building effective, global teams, developing products, and delivering value through innovation. Passionate about people, technology, innovation and culture.
  • Wendy Grande

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)
    A senior leader with decades of experience managing growth and change in organizations enabling them to meet expansion goals, build effective teams and be prepared for new business requirements. She is passionate about effective communications, streamlined operations and achieving results.
  • Neeraj Chirmulay

    Chief Technology Officer / EVP
    Neeraj is an innovative automotive systems integrator with cross-functional engineering experience. He brings a strong focus on high-level impact assessment and driving 'best business case' decisions. His experience ranges from Vehicle Architectures to sub-system design, with several quick turnaround 'Concept To Completion' projects.
  • Anjali Deodhar

    Vice President of Sales
    Anjali leads the Sales and Marketing charter for Viatec. With over 25 years of sales experience in hi-tech software, hardware and services consulting companies, Anjali is adept at building value-based relationships and achieving successful business results. She brings in expertise to build a truly customer focused organization through earnest relationship building, deep integrity and an outcome focus.
  • Hannah Eck

    Chief of Staff
    Hannah is a budding leader with five years of nonprofit management, small business consulting, and large scale event coordination experience. She excels at relationship management, project oversight, radical hospitality, and organizational strategy.

“SmartPTO is elegantly engineered to deliver tangible benefits. This is the first generation of safe and truly affordable hybrids electrification solutions.”

Mark Ferri

President and Founder, Viatec