About Us


Viatec was founded in 2015 with a product concept for “SmartLoad”. It would be the first low cost, high efficiency, hybrid drive for the 10.5 million worktruck market.

SmartLoad introduced a novel way of capturing and delivering braking energy; our Electro-Hydraulic Hybrid Drive.

The modular nature of the SmartLoad architecture allows for a variety of standalone applications that have become the broader focus of the business.

SmartPTO is a standalone plug-in electric power takeoff unit that eliminates the need for idling by bucket or platform trucks, pumping and tanker trucks, EMS electrification, and numerous additional possibilities.

“SmartLoad and SmartPTO are elegantly engineered to deliver tangible benefits. This is the first generation of safe and truly affordable hybrids electrification solutions.”

Mark Ferri

President and Founder Viatec